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Hidden Path Podcast

Hosted by Resonance Rich

Produced by

Nov 27, 2018

We have a very special guest joining us tonight who was referred to us directly from SerialBrain2, an influential member from within the Q following.

Captain Roy Davis joins us to discuss all things Q as well as the most current events unfolding. Captain Roy has been involved with the Qanon movement for quite some time now. He is part of the crew of anons/decoders inlcuding SerialBrain2, Praying Medic, and WarDrummer. He has been on many different shows including his most recent with Dustin Nemos which you can watch here:

Also you can check out Captain Roys posts on reddit his username is u/CaptainRoyD. Follow his posts at:

For those of you who cannot make it for the live show remember you can catch all of our episodes and much more at: